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Grad apping for comp sci's Journal
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Tuesday, July 17th, 2007
11:55 pm
Useful website for graduate school applicants

We am glad to tell you that we have finished upgrading the applycorner website based on the feedback we got from here last year.

Manage your application
Apply more than five schools. Don’t want to miss anything? Our application checklist with reminder option will help you throughout the application process. Demo
GRE studies
Having trouble with GRE verbal section? Let’s play and learn with our GRE wordlist quizzes. You can select your own wordlists and customize your GRE studies. More ...
Learn from successful applicants
Applycorner users shared their application experience in the whogowhere section. There are many invaluable advices for you!More ...
Successful applicant profiles
Check now whogotin section to have an idea about who got in which school with detail profiles. You can ask questions as well!More ...
Rate my chances
Want to let other users access your admission chances? We made it easier than ever to put it on your blog to get more comments. Or you can rate other’s chances and discuss about programs More ...
Everything is free
The registration takes less than 10 seconds. Join our community now and prepare the best for your applications Create your corner!

Let's usknow if you have any comments to improve the system.

Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
11:31 am
Best process of searching
Hey all,

I'm preparing for the GRE general test on 9/1 and the subject test in Nov for grad school. 

I was woundering, what is the best process of going about searching for grad schools.  what criteria should i look into when applying?

Any other good advice that one can give would be welcomed.


Current Mood: confused
Sunday, May 30th, 2004
4:33 pm
Grad apping for dummies
I am going to posting some apping info as I go along with it.I hope eveyone joining will contribute to this forum soon.
Here is a link for starters

Comp Science Ranks
That is a list of the top colleges.I dont have the list of lower ranked colleges but i am sure you can get them from somewhere.
If you do then post that link here
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